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Why use Wall Art Prints in your Office and Home Interior Decor? - Empyrean Art Gallery
Why use Wall Art Prints in your Office and Home Interior Decor?

Whenever anyone visits your home or office, the wall decor/design elements are the first thing they notice... With the right wall hanging and artwork for your office and home, your entire interior design and decor can work together to foster creativity and inspire productivity and innovation.

Tips to perfectly Hang your Wall Art - Empyrean Art Gallery
Tips to perfectly Hang your Wall Art Most people generally hang artworks too high on the walls. If you take only one piece of information from this article, let it be: 57 inches on centre. It means that the centre of your art piece (not the hook) should be 57″ from the floor. This 57″ standard represents the average human eye level and is a global standard in galleries and museums.
What is a Giclée Canvas Art Print? - Empyrean Art Gallery
What is a Giclée Canvas Art Print?

Whether you want to hang one large statement-making artwork or multiple harmonious art pieces, you don't have to make a fortune to invest in elegant, inspiring works of art for your home or office wall decor. What if we mentioned that you could own the next best thing to an original artwork at a fraction of the price? Your answer lies in a Giclée print!

How to Extend the Life of your Canvas Art Prints - Empyrean Art Gallery
How to Extend the Life of your Canvas Art Prints

Congratulations on owning an elegant art piece, now imparting vibrant colours and unique texture to your interior decor! Your canvas print's original vibrant look and feel can be maintained for years to come with some care.

Interior Design — Wall Décor Ideas

Transform your interior decor into a personally curated art gallery with our collection of ready-to-hang artworks instead of a wall sculpture. Empyrean canvas prints come with frames, multiple designs and sizes to choose from so that you can brighten up your residential and/or commercial interior decor just the way you want.

Here are some wall decor ideas to get you started...

Incorporate an Accent Wall with Canvas Prints

Want to create a focal point in your living space — create an accent wall adorned with Empyrean Art canvas prints. Choose a wall in any room of your residential or commercial space to experiment with different wall decor elements. An accent wall can bring much life, especially into a small living space. For example, try adding an abstract art canvas print to your space in the study room or dining room that will likely draw guests in and trigger conversations.

Large-scale Artwork

Use an oversized artwork to command attention and set the tone in your living space. Alternatively, try a black-and-white photograph or a large cityscape artwork in a minimalist interior decor theme or add a splash of colour with a vibrant abstract canvas art print.

Classic Gallery Wall Décor

Create your gallery look-alike by blending different art design styles using photographs, abstract art paintings, line art drawings, three-dimensional objects and others — to avoid a super uniform look on your wall space.

Seascapes and Landscape Canvas Art Prints

Natural sceneries are typically visually appealing designs that look stunning, whether as a multi-panel panoramic or a single horizontal canvas print on your wall space. Studies have shown that being in nature, or even just viewing nature scenes, reduces stress and improves a person's mood. So if you want to create a stress-free environment in your home or office, then nature canvas prints are a perfect addition to your living space.

Hang Canvas Prints in Unusual Nooks and Places within your Home and Office Interiors

Have you ever wondered about less obvious rooms other than your living room when hanging up art frames? Why not place canvas art prints in unusual nooks like your walk-in wardrobe and laundry room? Even a space that only you will use is fair game. Why shouldn’t these places be just as intriguing and creative as your living room.

Empyrean Design+Build — Architecture, Landscape & Interior Design Solutions

Are you feeling inspired or overwhelmed? Don't fret! Along with being a source of elegant and beautiful wall art decor, Empyrean's in-house team of professional architects and interior designers is ready to assist with all of your architectural, landscape and interior design/decoration needs.

Our team specializes in providing a seamless end-to-end experience from design to construction and beyond to fit your unique style and budget. Call +918591914253 or Email today. Your dream space is just a click away. Let's get started!

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