Congratulations on owning your elegant art piece, imparting vibrant colours and unique texture to your interior decor!

With some care, your art print's look and feel can be effortlessly maintained for years to come. This instructional guide will cover everything you need to know about caring for and maintaining your Empyrean Art Print.

Tip #1: Avoid displaying your canvas in direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting

Tip #2: Hang the canvas art in a cool dry area

Tip #3: Handle the canvas with care

Tip #4: Lightly dust. Don't rub/press the art print material surface

Tip #5: Don't use chemical cleaning solutions

Tip #6: Store using tissue, butter or any other acid-free paper


Tip #1: Avoid displaying your canvas in direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting


Hanging your art print/painting in a well-lit space can bring out its colours, especially if it is bold artwork. However, you will want to avoid placing your canvas in a spot where it will receive direct sunlight for an extended period. Our canvas prints are produced using the latest UV technology; however, heat from direct sunlight over an extended time can cause the inks to burn and fade, thereby damaging the prints slowly. This kind of damaging effect works at an accelerated speed in the case of paintings.


Tip #2: Hang the canvas art in a cool and dry location


It would be best to consider temperature and humidity conditions when deciding where to hang your canvas print/paintings. Cool, dry spaces are best for hanging art since direct heat and excessive moisture can cause the canvas to stretch over time. 

Avoid locations in your home, like bathrooms, where moisture buildup is common. You will also want to avoid placing art prints in areas like the kitchen, with smoke and moisture. 

If you must handle the painting/canvas print, do not put pressure on the paint or image, a canvas is fabric and will stretch or tear if care isn't taken. Always hold onto the frame or sides where the stretcher bars are located.


Tip #4: Lightly dust. Do not rub the canvas surface


Canvas art prints and paintings are prone to collecting dust and cobwebs over time, just like any other interior fixture. Regularly and lightly dust your art print with a microfiber duster to prevent dust from settling onto the art surface.

While cleaning, use a microfiber duster to wipe off the canvas surface. Don't rub the canvas to remove dust or debris since it can damage the surface. Instead, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth if you need more cleaning power. Move the fabric in circles rather than pressing or rubbing, and ensure the cleaning cloth is not dripping water over your artwork.


Tip #5: Do not use chemical-based cleaning solutions


These can break down the topcoat of your art print. Also, once you get chemicals into your canvas art, it can sometimes be impossible to remove them without damaging your print.


Tip #6: Store using tissue, butter or any other acid-free paper


When it's time to refresh the art on your wall, renovate your interior home/office decor or move locations, you might want to put your art in storage. The key to long-term storage of canvas art prints and paintings is to wrap them in butter, tissue, brown kraft paper, or any other acid-free material. The covering will protect the surface from scratches; since it does not contain acid, your canvas won't become yellow over time. 

Canvas needs to breathe, so don’t store them in airtight containers such as plastic bags. You can store the art in a cool and dry location since moisture, excessive heat, and significant temperature swings can cause the canvas to stretch or loosen over time.

That's about it! It's reasonably easy to keep your art looking vibrant and new for years to come. With proper handling and care, you can enjoy your new art for a long time.


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