Whether you want to hang one large statement-making artwork or multiple harmonious art pieces, you don't have to make a fortune to invest in elegant, inspiring works of art for your home or office wall decor. What if we mentioned that you could own the next best thing to an original artwork at a fraction of the price? Your answer lies in a Giclée print!

Giclée Art

The French word "giclée" (zhee-KLAY) means "to spray or squirt" — an elevated digital printing technique used to reproduce artwork by museums worldwide.

A giclée canvas print is produced directly from a high-resolution digital scan of the existing fine art printed on canvas using archival ink. The result is far superior colour accuracy, detail and texture compared to other means of reproduction, such as traditional lithographic printing. It's often hard to tell the difference between the original and a giclée.

Giclée prints have become the reproduction of choice for collectors, galleries, museums, photographers and artists because of their quality and relative ease to reproduce, along with the elimination of the expense of mass production. Limited edition giclée prints are considered one-of-kind works of art since each print is created individually instead of mass-produced. Various examples of giclées can be found in renowned museums across the world.

The versatility of a giclée print is unrivalled. A giclée can be reproduced on any medium, from canvas to paper, and in any size. So whatever type of artwork you may be looking for, you will most likely find a giclée reproduction.


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