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Art with a Purpose

Purposefully crafted, our curated collection of home and wall decor artworks is done intentionally with the purpose of evoking creative thinking and imagination. Every art print is a blend of the soul and science, helping you perceive endless possibilities, opening your heart and mind to see life's big picture, including spirituality, symbolism, storytelling, beauty, and much more.

Stylish Home Decor

Beautifully designed interiors and wall decor enhance your home and office environment. Give an aesthetic touch to your commercial and home decor by adding wall art prints to suit your personality. Whether your style is traditional or modern, explore the wide collection at Empyrean Art Gallery. Artworks also make a perfect gift for every occasion. Our selection of wall art will transform any office and home decor into an oasis with style!

Personalised custom-framed wall art prints

Say goodbye to boring walls forever by creating a style statement and bringing a focal point to your rooms by uplifting unadorned walls with artworks that are sure to pique anyone's curiosity and start interesting conversations. Pick among different sizes and frame styles to create an aesthetically pleasing elegant space.

Pablo Picasso

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."



Modern Art

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World Famous Paintings

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Art History

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Abstract Art

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Inspirational Word Art - Empyrean Art

Inspirational Word Art

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Vincent van Gogh

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Claude Monet

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Leonardo da Vinci

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Mark Hampton

"Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room."

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Buy Wall Art Online at the Best Price across India

At Empyrean Art, you can choose from our exclusively curated collections of home decor canvas art prints in various sizes and customise the wall art with custom frames that suit your design budget. From the historical renaissance and modern classics to highly creative, inspirational contemporary wall paintings, we have art prints to suit unique every design style. Whether you are looking for paintings with a landscape or portrait orientation for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kid's room, home office, hotel lobby, fine-dining restaurant or any commercial interior space, discover the best paintings for your wall decor.

You can shop canvas art prints of wall paintings from the world's famous masters like Leonardo DaVinci, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Claude Monet, and many more to the fantastic artists of today. Our curated art collection has some of the most renowned all-time classics like The Last Supper, Creation of Adam, King David and Saul, from the Christian era to the modern era paintings like MonaLisa, Starry Night, Madonna with a Machine Gun, Wheatfields with Thunderclouds and many more. With artworks of people, graffiti, abstract colour strokes, nature, landscapes with sunrise, sunset, mountains, rivers, flowers, trees, waterfall, beach etc., you will most definitely find the perfect wall art piece you've been looking for as the focal point for your walls or a style statement in your spatial design.

Wall art design offers beautiful decor opportunities to spruce up the walls in your living space; beautiful canvas wall art purchased online can look excellent in every interior design, no matter the type of wall decor you have in your home or office. Why not redefine your room's look with flowers, wall sculptures, family photos or... a timeless wall art canvas print? We have a wide range of canvas wall art available in our store, deliverable anywhere across India to decorate your interior decor theme elegantly at an affordable price.

Empyrean Design+Build — Architecture, Landscape & Interior Design Solutions

Are you feeling inspired or overwhelmed? Don't fret! Along with being a source of elegant and beautiful wall art decor, Empyrean's in-house team of professional architects and interior designers is ready to assist with all of your architectural, landscape and interior design/decoration needs.

Our team specializes in providing a seamless end-to-end experience from design to construction and beyond to fit your unique style and budget. Call +918591914253 or Email today. Your dream space is just a click away. Let's get started!

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Licensed Artworks

All artworks are licensed under their respective International or Domestic Copyright laws, or Empyrean Intellectual property. License details are affixed to each artwork.