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Modern Art

Art is a reflection of the journey of Mankind. It is an expression of society, cultural values, and political influences. The short Modern Art period comprised artistic works produced roughly in the early 1800s and ended sometime during the mid-1900s - a period founded on the belief in progressiveness and idealism. 

This vibrant period begins with the legacy of artists like Vincent van Gogh, and culminated with the likes of artists such as Pablo Picasso, all of whom were essential for developing newer effervescent styles. Modern Art is usually known to cultivate styles with little or no traditional past. Tried and tested methods have been ignored in the pursuit of new experimental techniques. Modern artists experimented with new ways of harnessing the nature of materials, thereby changing conventional art functions. 

These were essential to the development of abstract techniques. Although the Modern Art movement was also known as the Chaotic Period, it produced some of the most magnificent representations of life the world has ever known.  So why wait, foster creativity and elegance in your home and office with these timeless artworks.

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