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World Famous Paintings

Despite the vast number of paintings viewers have seen in museums and art galleries worldwide, only a few have been universally recognized as timeless creations by master artists. Classic in their beauty and execution, these paintings have transcended time and artistic skill, creating history. Known to people across ages and cultures as they represent the greatest works of art ever made, which continue to resonate in art lovers' minds for many centuries.

We've identified these artists' world-famous paintings and masterpieces under the Empyrean Art collection. This list comprises works by many famed artists now housed in some of the world's finest museums available under a Creative Commons Public Domain license. Art-lovers like you now have the unique opportunity to own these world-famous paintings and artworks of grand masters as handmade museum-quality canvas art re-prints. 

Empyrean Art canvas prints are made from the finest quality materials. Now you can decorate your walls with a masterpiece that will make striking value addition to your home and office interiors. Our Gallery provides but a glimpse of these world-renowned and famous painting artworks of all time, be sure to keep returning to check new artworks we will make available each month. For now, don't waste any more time; browse the list below to discover the world's most iconic paintings and start shopping!

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